Heckington Windmill 2014

Traditional Millwrights produced 8 new sails and painted the cap at Heckington Windmill in Lincolnshire. It is the only 8-sailed tower windmill still standing in the United Kingdom with its sails intact.

In June 2014, BBC1's Countryfile filmed Traditional Millwrights' Neil and Steve removing the 8th original sail at Heckington Mill. The programme was aired on 29th June 2014.


Removing sail number 8 at Heckington Mill


Neil and Steve with Ellie from Countryfile



Transporting Heckington's Sails



Undercoat at Heckington finished



Final coat on Heckington mill


Heckington sails ready for fitting


All 8 sails replaced at Heckington Mill