Sacrewell Watermill 2015

Sacrewell Watermill is a Grade II* listed, 18th century watermill, which dates as far back as to 1086 and the Domesday Book, although it is believed that water power was used at Sacrewell hundreds of years earlier – perhaps from the sacred well that gives Sacrewell its name. The current watermill was built in 1755 and remained a working mill until 1965, when it was no longer profitable. (information from

Traditional Millwrights worked at Sacrewell Watermill refurbishing the waterwheel, producing a new stone frame and supporting timbers and setting up the mill stone, ready to grind. Work began in December 2014 and was completed in April 2015. After others had completed work to the structure of the mill, Traditional Millwrights got to run the mill and produced the first flour on the 13th July, 2015.


Sacrewell waterwheel in component form, Dec 2014


First bucket going into Sacrewell Waterwheel. 59 to go! Feb 2015


Sacrewell waterwheel back together, Feb 2015



Beginning work on Sacrewell stone frame, March 2015


Rat damage from Sacrewell Watermill, March 2015


New stone frame made for Sacrewell, March 2015



New stone frame going in Sacrewell Watermill, April 2015


Sacrewell stone frame, April 2015


Sacrewell stone frame, April 2015


Sacrewell stones set up, April 2015


Sacrewell mill work complete, April 2015