Stone Furniture and Mill Machinery

The millstone is surrounded by a wooden case (or 'tun' or 'vat'), similar to a barrel. Its purpose is to collect the flour which has been ground between the stones and ensure it flows down the spout into the waiting sack below. 


On top of the case sit the hopper legs ('horse') and hopper. Grain is fed from the hooper into the stones by the shoe.  The flow of grain into the stones is regulated by how fast the shoe is shaken.

If the stone furniture is not built correctly then the grain will not flow into the stones properly. If the slope of the shoe is too steep grain will flow too quickly, if the slope is too shallow grain does not flow at all.  The shoe also needs to be the correct shape to keep the grain from falling out of the side of the shoe and on to the top of the stones. This grain will not be ground and instead will end up as whole grains in the flour spoiling it.

To make white flour a flour dressing machine is used. This sifts wholemeal flour to remove the bran and separate the remaining flour, the finest particles being the white flour.

Other machinery we have supplied include mixing machines for flour and grain, smutters for grain cleaning and crushers for producing flaked grains.